How To Make Chocolates With Fillings At Home

cholocate1Bakers are always in the process of making new candies, chocolates and non-chocolates with their creative ideas. It is interesting to make candies and you can experiment it with caramels and stuff. You can make any delicious chocolate or candies using chocolate bonbon and stuff it with raspberry jelly, nougat and marzipan. You can make new chocolates using fudge, fresh nougat or other different ingredients.
You can make chocolate fillings sweet with three different flavors. You must follow the right procedure to make the smooth and tempting chocolates that are rich in flavors.
To gift it to someone you can garnish the chocolates with icing and almonds to add an elegant look. Pack it in a self-made gift box and you can wrap using an attractive gift wrapper to give it a professional look. And add a tiny card note to the gift box with a message to impress your loved one.
You can find the recipes of these dark chocolates online and you can experiment it on your own instead of buying the chocolates from the fancy shops. You should follow the instructions as it is so that it is assured that you can get the same texture and taste like the professionals. You can make the truffles on your own in your home kitchen and wrap it nicely in a gift wrapper and gift it to your loved ones. The homemade chocolates have personal touch and it gives pleasure and joy to both you and the receiver.
Here is the procedure of making filled chocolates with molds. You can take various colored cocoa butters. The equipments you need to make it are a tiny brush, chocolate molds, a spoon, a ladle and a plastic scraper.
You should paint your desired designs at the bottom of each mold using colored cocoa butter. Let it cool for some time. Instead of colored cocoa butter you can also take luster dust. You then take a ladle of chcocolate and pour it on the mold and make sure that the chocolate fills completely. Press the mold to get the flat surface also it avoids air bubbles. Then turn the mold upside down over the chocolate bowl and remove the excess chocolate.
You should turn up on right side and wipe using the plastic scrapper so that the chocolates in between the wells in the mold get cleaned. Now you have filled the wells with chocolate and refrigerate it for a maximum for ten minutes.
Then you take a small brush and paint in every mold that is tempered with chocolate. After ten minutes you can remove the wells from the refrigerator. You can fill each with any fillings as per your desire. Add a ladle of chocolate to the top of each well that are filled with chocolate. Knock again to get the flat surface. If there is any excess you can remove it using the scrapper. Now you should refrigerate it until the chocolate is set. You can remove it once it is set and you can eat and enjoy your delicious filled chocolates.