Must Eat Guilt-Free Healthy Snacks

popcorn popper

When you start with a movie night and gather up with your friends, you may feel like munching some snack. It is better to invest some money in buying a popcorn maker. There are a whole lot of top popcorn popper available online. Popcorns are healthy when compared to edamame due to the polyphenols present in them. You can find many such health benefits of popcorn in right from digestion to weight loss.

It’s hard to walk to the movie theater directly without buying a bucket full of popcorn. The buttery smell would attract you and tempt you to buy. In such cases, you can pack prepare your favorite popcorn and pack them in a snack bag to enjoy while watching movies.
Polyphenols are nothing but a chemical which is available in plant foods which help in neutralizing free radicals. Popcorn has increased levels of polyphenols when compared to any other fruit.

Polyphenols are rich in antioxidants which help to protect cells from free radical damage.Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease can be prevented through Polyphenols.

Popcorn also has more antioxidants than other snacking foods and also rich in fiber. Due to the high polyphenol levels and rich fiber content, it is important to prepare popcorn more often.
After reading this post don’t go right away in buying instant popcorn. Preparation and packaging are important when it comes to food. The popcorns which are sold in movie theaters as the fats and processed salt will enhance the flavor of the popcorn which is no way beneficial and makes it as a junk food.

The popcorn which you had to get rid off should be the popcorns that are available in snack bags which is specially designed for to-go purposes. They are loaded with chemicals and synthetics for added color and flavors.

To have healthy popcorns, you should start to prepare them in an old fashioned way or should use a stovetop or a popcorn maker. Though you have a tight budget on foods, you can easily afford a full bag of organic popcorn which is cheap and budget friendly.

It is not recommended to add oil or ghee to the popcorn while cooking but if you still wish to add oil to your popcorn, then you can add either cold pressed coconut oil or ghee.
Once you pop the popcorn, you can sprinkle sea salt, and you are ready to eat a healthy snack. Some people even add yeast powder to popcorn to get the benefits of Vitamin B.

Though popcorn is a healthy snack, it is better not to overeat. You can’t do it as healthy and have it throughout the day. Sprouted corn contains anti-nutrients which can stimulate digestion.

Popcorn has fewer calories, and your tummy gets filled up faster.This, in turn, helps you to reduce the calorie intake to reduce weight or to maintain a healthy body index. For example, the calories in 4 cups of popped corn are just 90 calories.